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Get Deals on Duck!

We are obsessed with duck. It’s kind of our thing. And we’ve heard that you like duck as much as we do.

That’s why we’re kicking off the month of March with a giant all-things-duck sale!

This means that duck leg confit, raw moulard duck breast, whole Rohan, Muscovy or Pekin duck, smoked duck breast, duck rillettes, duck prosciutto, duck bacon, duck sausage, duck fat and even our cassoulet kit (it’s got duck in it!) are all specially priced to tempt you.

What are you waiting for?  Shop and save 15% on any duck of your choice this week at

If you need a little inspiration …

02737CT191Duck a la orange recipe


Saveur and The World of Duck

The December issue of Saveur magazine has a cover story about our favorite bird: duck.  Yes, it mentions us,  but that’s not why we think it’s a great piece. Our friend Hank Shaw is also quoted, which is appropriate. His new book “Duck, Duck, Goose” is our favorite book of the season. It’s got all you could possibly need to know about ducks and geese, along with some fine recipes.

You can read the entire fantastic article  on the Saveur site, after which we wager you’ll be inspired to cook some duck for dinner.

It’s really quite easy, as this Saveur video with Ariane proves. Her seared duck magret is a tradition handed down by her father, Chef Andre Daguin, who invented the preparation. Read, watch and then get in the kitchen and make duck!

saveur cover

We love these illustrations Saveur did of our products. This is a really useful breakdown of all the parts of the duck. Everything but the quack.

saveur the elements of duck

Have you met Rohan?

He’s new in town. He’s rich. He’s handsome. American with a French accent. And he’d love you to bring him home for dinner.

He’s our new duck! Exclusively ours! The D’Artagnan Rohan™ is a proprietary hybrid of several duck breeds including the Heritage Mallard and the Pekin, and is raised just for us on a farm in New York State.

The duck is named after a family of dukes and princes who lived in the Rohan area of Brittany, France, and made the name, and a native duck, famous. The Rohan boasts juicy, tender, rose-colored meat with a mild taste that lends itself to practically every duck recipe.

Never administered antibiotics, hormones, or steroids the Rohan duck is raised cage-free and fed a diet of corn and soy. The duck is available in two sizes: 5-5 ½ lbs and 5 ½-6 lbs. Because it is air-chilled, that weight is all meat and bone, not water retained during processing. This means that the skin crisps up nicely however it is prepared and the flavor is pure, unadulterated duck.

In keeping with the nose-to-tail philosophy of cooking, the duck is sold with neck and giblets, both of which are handy in making stock and adding rich flavor to sauces.

Rohan is a name of strength and speaks to the heritage of this hardy and delicious duck, which is now available for professional chefs and home cooks alike, only at D’Artagnan.