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Signs of Spring: Ramps

We are sure that spring is here when the ramps arrive. We’ve had them for a little while now, in limited quantities, and they have been selling out quickly to our chef clients.

These fragrant wild leeks are the hottest thing on spring menus. Among the very first green to appear in the dead woods, they are a potent reminder of the power of plants and the changing of the season.

ramps in the field

A field of ramps makes a fresh green splash on the drab forest floor.

Wonderful with bacon, egg dishes, casseroles, potatoes, in pesto and anywhere you might use scallions or leeks, wild foraged ramps (they are not grown on farms) are a joyful and flavorful way to celebrate spring.

Ramps  2

Muddy and damp, like the springtime woods.

As the season progresses and availability increases the prices will come down. If you want to buy a 5 lb bag of ramps, you may call our customer service department to order: 800-327-8246.




Upcoming event: Game Dinner at Café Centro

Relish in the glorious flavors of fall at Café Centro‘s seasonal game dinner on Saturday, October 29th. Guest hosted by our own, Ariane Daguin, the dinner and hors d’oeuvres reception will focus on classic and contemporary game dishes artfully prepared by chefs Franck Deletrain and Fred Darenius.  Tickets are $95, available here. Hope to see you there!

Part of world-renowned, Patina Restaurant Group, Café Centro is a richly elegant Grand Café in the classic Parisian tradition – set in the iconic international style landmark MetLife Building – Café Centro offers a select menu of French favorites with a Mediterranean twist.

NEW YORK, NY 10166
212 818 1222

Duckspotting @ brushstroke NYC

Duckspotting is finding, snapping & sending in pics of tasty dishes made with D’Artagnan ingredients, from your favorite restaurants. We sell to restaurants all over the country & love to see what creative chefs are doing with our products. Keep sending them in!

Where: Brushstroke, Tribeca, NYC

When: Dinner 10/6/11

What: Chef Isao Yamada’s Steamed Duck with Fried Eggplant & Yuzu-Miso Sauce

How: brushstroke is at 30 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 |  call 212-791-3771 for reservations

Chef Yamada prepping D'Artagnan duck breast in the open kitchen

Chef Yamada prepping D'Artagnan duck breast in the open kitchen

brushstroke is a Japanese concept by David Bouley, helmed by Chef Isao Yamada, and recent recipient of a coveted Michelin star! The eco-chic space was designed by renowned Tokyo firm, Super Potato, and boasts a full-view open kitchen, counter seating, diningroom and lounge. Get reservations while you still can!

Dining out & spot some fabulous dishes made with D’Artagnan ingredients? Snap a pic & email with the details to We’ll give you & the restaurant a shout out!