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A Bit About Our Caviar (just in time for New Year’s Eve…)

This fall we were proud (and excited!) to introduce a new product, truly sustainable Ossetra Caviar from the Aquitaine region of France. French caviar is still fairly new to the American gourmet scene but it’s quickly becoming a chef and foodie favorite.

We spent countless hours of research to find the right producer. After Ariane and Andy travelled to France to personally inspect the different aqua farms and learn about their practices firsthand, we were confident we found the right producer to become our exclusive partner.

The state-of-the-art aquafarm follows the strictest of animal welfare and environmental protocols – its wastewater actually runs cleaner than the same water at entry. The sturgeon benefit greatly from the exceptionally pure water from breeding through harvesting, resulting in the highest quality available.

Our low-salt Ossetra is harvested at its absolute peak of size, flavor, color and texture. The grains are round, plump and juicy with just the right amount of “pop.” The flavor is fresh and clean, slightly briny with a lingering, soft nutty taste and ultra-silky mouthfeel. The color ranges from clear grey to gold and deep brown.

Handling Tips
When serving caviar, freshness is key. Remember caviar is highly perishable and delicate so it should be treated as so. Read more